Thank you!

The first-ever Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire was a big success!  Despite the weather, we had over 800 participants at the event.   We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, volunteers, organizing team, and exhibitors.   It was amazing!

Meet the Makers: Zev Eisenberg

Do you have boxes upon of old business cards that you just can’t bear to throw out? Maybe you got hundres of fancy new cards with thick paper and embossed type, only to use ten or fifteen of them? Bring them to the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire and learn how to turn them into one-of-a-kind sculptures!

I’m Zev Eisenberg, a maker and app developer from Maine, now living in Boston. I learned this simple method of linking six business cards into a cube when I attended an origami convention in Charlotte, NC as a child. You can join the cubes together without glue or tape, and sculpt them into any shape you want. It’s like Minecraft for the real world.

While tending the Cape Cod Makers booth at the Maker Faire in New York last year, I worked with other makers to build a replica of the Make Magazine robotic mascot* out of 1,308 business cards:
Robot built out of 1,308 business cards.

I will have business cards available at the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire, but the real fun is in repurposing your own old cards to make something new. I can teach you the basics, and then I encourage you to go home and build something amazing. It’s a perfect activity for the whole family. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Visit the project page for more information and instructions on how to DIY:

I will also be exhibiting my Video Camera Juggling Clubs. Not recommended if you get dizzy easily!

* I am not affiliated with Make Magazine. Their robot seemed like a fun project at the time, but was probably not the wisest choice.

The Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire is Almost Here!

When: Saturday April 26 from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Where: Cape Cod Community College gymnasium

Campus Map  Please park in lots 1 – 9.

Register for this free event on Eventbrite.





Meet the Makers: Shawn Vecchione of Vec Surfboards

Have you ever wanted to learn to shape your own surfboard?  We are delighted that Shawn Vecchione, expert surfer and master surfboard shaper, will be joining us at the Faire.   He is the owner of Vec Surfboards in Orleans, which includes an onsite shaping room where he helps surfers design and create custom boards by choosing the style, design, and custom graphics.    His boards vary depending on where the fins are placed, the size of the waves that will be surfed, and the height and the gender of the surfer.

Shawn is dedicated to sharing the art of hand-shaping with the next generation of surfers.   At the Faire, Shawn will demonstrate shaping techniques and answer any questions that you might have about surfing, including what you need to do to surf on Cape Cod through the invigorating winter months when the waves are high.  (Our guess:  wetsuit + layers + a whole lot of grit!)


Meet the Makers: Alex Russo and the Duct Tape Kayak Project

IMG_6628We are so pleased that Alex Russo will be exhibiting his duct tape kayak at the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire.  Inspired by an episode of the TV show Mythbusters, Alex says, “This will be a unique re-purposing of household materials to construct a functional watercraft. Using only PVC piping and duct tape, this project demonstrates how one can construct a low-cost, 10-foot kayak with simple materials. Employing boat-building, engineering, and artistic innovation are all necessary in constructing your own duct tape kayak!”

In the summer of 2012, Alex and several friends created the Duct Tape Kayak Project as a fun and innovative way to raise money for charity.   They’ve demonstrated their duct tape kayaks at events such as the Plymouth Waterfront Festival and the Run of the Charles Canoe and Kayak Race, and this past year they donated 100% of their fundraising totals to the Massachusetts Chapter of Heroes on the Water.  Heroes on the Water is a grass-roots organization that takes wounded vets on guided kayak-fishing excursions as a way for them to relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate into society.

So we’d like to say thank you to Alex and the rest of your team for all you are doing to support such a worthy cause.   We’ll see you—and your kayak—at the Faire!


Meet the Makers: Jen Pitta of By the Shore Stamping

This “Meet the Makers” interview was written by guest blogger Breanna Gustafson, a student at Cape Cod Community College and a recent graduate of Plymouth South High School.

Do you ever hear the saying “Do what you love, love what you do?” Local paper crafter Jen Pitta of By the Shore Stamping is doing just that.  Jen is no stranger to the art of paper crafting.   Jen specializes in creating her own hand-stamped greeting cards and scrapbook pages. She has also created shadow boxes, home décor such as framed prints, banners, and stamped tile coasters.

“My creations are really only limited by imagination!”  said Jen.  With just a little bit of creativity, the opportunities are endless.  Jen has a long history with paper art.  Fourteen years ago Jen began scrapbooking after attending a home party teaching the idea.  “I’ve always had a love for paper, pens, and coloring. Once I was introduced to pairing my love of paper with my love of telling stories, it seemed like a no-brainer for me,” said Jen.  It was shortly after Jen began scrapbooking that she discovered rubber stamping and began making her own greeting cards as well.

About eight years ago Jen decided that she wanted to make hand-stamped invitations to her wedding. Jen made 135 hand stamped, embossed and scored invitations along with Save the Date reminders, a rehearsal dinner invitation and created six different thank you card designs for after the wedding. “Once I completed that monumental task I was having so much fun that I started offering classes and now eight years later I’m still having so much fun!” said Jen.

Jen`s exhibit at the Maker Faire will have a large assortment of samples of her work including cards, scrapbooking, and some of her home décor pieces. She is planning on demonstrating a variety of different stamping techniques throughout the day.

“One of the biggest objections I hear from people that see my work is, “Oh, I am not creative at all.  I must take a moment to dispel the myth of needing to be “crafty” to enjoy this. While I have always been a bit crafty myself, I have known so many people that didn’t think of themselves as being crafty who now love rubber stamping and scrapbooking,” said Jen.

Attendees of the 2014 Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire are encouraged to stop by Jen’s booth!

Thank You to Our Sponsors

The first Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire is right around the corner.  Before we get too deep in the planning and preparation we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank our sponsors.

Before we even had a plan, we had an idea for a day filled with creativity, technology and hands-on fun and education.  We presented this idea to the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod  and they provided us financial support and tremendous enthusiasm.   The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, the region’s designated arts agency, ensures the vibrancy of our cultural community by supporting, promoting, celebrating and strengthening the arts throughout the year.

The Cape Cod Technology Council  also stepped up to help with the planning, advertising and execution of the event.  The Cape Cod Technology Council is a professional business organization that facilitates technology entrepreneurship, promotes technology education for business, encourages technology curriculum at the secondary and higher education levels, and advocates digital inclusion for citizens in our region.

Cape Cod Community College  and the Cape Cod Community College Educational Foundation have been immensely helpful in pursuing our mutual goals of education and community engagement. The CCCC campus seemed like a logical choice to locate our first Faire as a way to showcase the innovative and exciting things that are happening in our area.    The College has opened their doors to us, by waiving their normal fees,  helping with the planning of this event, and supporting the Faire with an innovation grant.

Cape Cod Five is known across the Cape for their philanthropy.   It’s a challenge to explain the concepts of Makers and Maker Faires, but they kept an open mind and advocated for us, and we can’t thank them enough.  The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank is an independent community bank committed to serving customers by understanding their financial goals and assisting in their attainment through the provision of high quality financial products and services delivered with the highest level of ethics and superb service, creating a positive work environment and being a good corporate citizen.

Without the financial support and efforts of these organizations, the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire would not be possible.  We still have a lot of work ahead of us but we know with their help, and the dedication of all our organizers and volunteers, this will be a memorable day for all!

Please support our sponsors because they are making all of this possible.

Last Call for Makers

We have just a few spaces left for Makers who want to exhibit their projects at the first annual Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire.    If you have an awesome project you want to show off to the community at the largest DIY festival on Cape Cod, the last day to sign up is March 16th.

We need you and your creative, innovative projects to be a part of this exciting event, so apply now before it’s too late!

Please apply here.

What is Maker Faire?  
Maker Faire events across the United States are celebrating a DIY/homegrown invention movement. Whether it’s a home-built robot, video game, handbag, miniature race car, musical instrument, or sustainable micro garden, Maker Faire showcases all that is creative and innovative in our community.

When and where is Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire?
   Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 10 – 4 p.m. at Cape Cod Community College.

What kinds of exhibitions will be there?
 Interactive projects that showcase the value and process of “making,” including:
 • 3D Printing • Ham Radio • Experimental Aircraft • Natural Homebuilding
 • Electronics • Robotics
• Hacker and Maker Spaces
• Jewelry 
• 3D Printers
• Surfboards
• Food Makers • Papercrafting • Steampunk 
• Student Projects 
• Textiles 
• Homebrewing • Learn to Solder • Boat Building • PowerWheels

Who should apply for a Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire booth?
  Local, regional, and national groups, clubs, individuals, schools, universities, and hobbyists who can demonstrate or actually show the making of their invention/craft/project in a contained booth setting. Booths include 8′ tables and a 10’x10’ display booth.  Even if you don’t need a full booth, we’d still like to hear from you since we will have shared booths to accommodate smaller projects.

What does it cost to exhibit?
  Applicants who are chosen by a review panel to participate will receive the 10’x10’ display booth at no charge. Those applicants who also wish to offer their inventions/crafts/artwork for sale at Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire may be asked to pay a fee for their booth space (see application for details).

How many Makers will exhibit?
  The Cape Cod Community College  gymnasium is equipped to handle approximately 45 booths.

Meet the Makers: Christopher Robinson of Rocket Brand Studios

If you love robots, you’ll want to meet Christopher Robinson. Chris designs and fabricates robots and robotics kits for his Cape-based company, Rocket Brand Studios.   These kits are used by schools, maker groups, and other organizations to teach children and adults how to build and program robots.

Not only does Chris build robots, he has also built many of his own tools, including a 3D printer, CNC machine, and power hacksaw—from scratch.   (Wow!)  Here is a video showing the Walter II robot, along with the tools that he used to make him.

In his spare time, Chris is a very active member of Let’s Make Robots, the biggest robot hobbyist website in the world.   He also teaches robot-making workshops and has created a huge library of tutorials and other videos on his YouTube channel.   We are so impressed by his dedication to help the world learn to build and program robots.

Chris has a great sense of humor.  One of his creations is an automatic fortune cookie machine.  You wave your hand over the top of it and an embedded printer prints out a fortune for you.  We predict that Chris and his robots will be a big hit at the Cape Cod Maker Faire.  Can’t wait!

For more information, please visit

Meet the Makers: Jesse Craig

In addition to exhibiting projects from clubs and organizations, we sincerely welcome contributions from individual makers who are working on creative and innovative projects.  Jesse Craig is one such maker.  Jesse is lives on the lower Cape and will be exhibiting his wireless mesh network project, SenseMesh.  A wireless mesh network differs from a traditional wireless network in that instead of having a limited number of wired access points, the network connection is distributed among “nodes” that communicate with each other to share the network connection across a large area.

Jesse says, “SenseMesh is a wireless sensor network mesh that integrates nodes with various sensors to provide a stream of real-time data. The data can include information like temperature, humidity, acceleration, and pressure. The network is both self-healing and self-organizing, providing for a robust means of communicating data across moderate distances. Technologies used include: ZigBee, I2C, Microchip PIC, LiPo batteries, and Solar power.

My near term plans for the sensor mesh are to monitor things around the house, like the temperature outside, soil moisture levels in the garden, temperature and humidity in the chicken coop, etc.  A lofty goal is a project I have been considering to combine the sensor mesh with wearable computing. Wireless communication is a requirement for something wearable and a mesh lets the network self-extend and adapt as people in the network move around. Imagine a room where the people in it are wearing sensors that measure body temperature and humidity inside one’s clothes (to detect sweating), then adjusts the thermostat to a value optimal for the most people.”


Are you working on a project in your home workshop that you think that others might be interested in?  Let it see the light of day at the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire!